What Online Defamation Lawsuits Can Teach Us | Online Defamation Law Suits

Posted by admin | May 11th, 2010

Although online defamation lawsuits are relatively uncommon, there have been enough to indicate that making defamatory comments about others can land you in serious legal and subsequently financial trouble. There should be little surprise in this, although the general feeling of Internet users is that they can say what they want about who they want and when they want. Perhaps the biggest surprise is what may or may not be considered online defamation and the sites where you need to watch what you say.

It’s commonplace for people to use sites like Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking websites to vent their anger or frustration but care should be taken. Users that have set up fake Facebook accounts have been sued for online defamation and cases have been tried successfully. It’s not just defamation towards businesses that can lead to legal action as individuals that are so inclined are also able to take similar court action. Facebook is far from the only website where similar actions have been taken either.

One Ebay user was recently surprised to learn that a case was being filed against them for a negative and allegedly defamatory comment left on the rating system. The Ebay rating system allows buyers and sellers to leave feedback for one another in a bid to improve other users’ experiences. The buyer left comments regarding the quality of the products and also made a statement likening the seller to a used car salesman. The seller, an experienced lawyer, sued for defamation and was awarded damages because the negative rating ruined an otherwise perfect online reputation.

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