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Posted by admin | May 18th, 2010

Defamation lawsuits are certainly nothing new and the advent of social networking websites have brought the debate of what is and what is not considered defamatory to the fore once again. While the form of media may be different, online defamation is largely the same as any other form of defamation so not only should you be wary when posting comments online but you should also know that there is a potential for recourse if you feel that you or your practices have been wrongly brought to question by others.

A statement is said to be defamatory if it can be proven to be false and if it has been made to damage the name or reputation of another person or entity. Blogs, forums, review sites, and social networks are just some of the types of site that users are posting their own thoughts and experiences on and as such these can be a hot bed for negative press and bad reviews. As a business owner or marketer you need to take the time to consider whether any such posts exist for your own name or the name of your business.

Unfortunately, the onus with online defamation lies very much in the hands of the accuser. If you believe somebody has posted defamatory comments on the Internet about you then it is your responsibility to prove they are not true. This, along with the potential cost and time to fight and win a lawsuit, makes online reputation management the tool of choice for fighting these comments.

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