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Posted by admin | June 9th, 2010

This article is incredibly interesting, because it pertains both to the medical world and to online defamation. The medical industry is one which is particularly susceptible to online defamation because people do research their procedures and surgeons before they ever go under the knife. They do not want a much-criticized doctor working on their eyes…

Janet Auyoung opens a laptop, pulls up her review and starts reading “My experience with Dr. Boothe was horrible.”

She vented her frustrations online, and goes through a review she recently wrote “I wasn’t given enough numbing medicine so I could feel everything during the surgery.”

But her words in cyber world could come back to haunt her in the real world.  “It was pretty much the worst thing I could have imagined,” explained Auyoung “I can’t see signs that I should be able to see. It makes it difficult when I’m driving.”

Auyoung, 26, posted a review on Google after having Lasik Eye Surgery at Boothe Eyecare and Laser Center in Plano.  She says she didn’t think the surgery went well, and wanted her money back for the work done on one eye.  She says Dr. William Boothe refused.

Just a few weeks ago Auyoung was served legal papers and could possibly be sued for her online review.  Court documents say she has to attend a deposition to see if there is even enough evidence to file a lawsuit.

“This tarnishes his reputation,” explained Charla Aldous, Dr. Boothe’s attorney.

What do you think readers? Is this a clear cut example of online defamation, an example of negligence by the doctor, or something in between?

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