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Posted by admin | May 26th, 2010

Online defamation laws in the UK should soon see a major overhaul as they are championed by Liberal Democrat peer Lord Lester. The reform of libel laws was also mentioned in the Queen’s speech as it was included as part of the coalition government’s agreement. Here in the UK, online defamation laws are identical to regular defamation laws but with the vast differences in media types and specifically in the way that the media is handled, it has raised numerous concerns over our antiquated regulations; this could soon change.

Changes in the law are viewed differently depending on which side of the argument you sit. Authors and online publishers argue that the rules need updating because the current laws were established over 100 years ago and that the Internet is a very different publication media than old school newspaper publications. This view is backed by a number of journalists and other professionals, including Telegraph reporter Simon Singh who has himself just won a legal battle on the matter.

On the other side of the argument are those that believe that they have been falsely accused of something that has proven detrimental to their own reputation. This is another area where reform certainly looks to be desperately needed. One of the biggest issues facing judges and courts at the moment is a complete lack of clarity on certain issues surrounding the laws and as all three major parties vowed to change the existing regulations, reform should almost certainly be on the cards and in the very near future.

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