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Posted by admin | May 26th, 2011

Search engine reputation management is not an industry that is very well understood by people who have never had to deal with it first hand. Furthermore, while many articles will suggest you handle the issue yourself instead of hiring a company, there are very few places to find out how best to do that. This article contains a good overview of why the industry is important and some basic tips on how to handle online reputation management personally.

What is the importance of online reputation? Bad postings, negative feedback in blogs, horrible testimonials in popular forums, unrealistic scam allegations, product reviews from false users and disgruntled employees can potentially put a company out of business.

The first step they list, of course, is to Google yourself. How will you know if you even have a reputation problem if you don’t do some research on yourself? One of the other best pieces of advice is to use social media. This is an essential part of any successful Google reputation management campaign.

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