The Pitri Dish of Online Defamation

Posted by admin | October 12th, 2011

There is a type of online defamation lawsuits that are popularly known as “Twibel”. These are cases in which defamation or libel have not only occurred online, but they have taken place through the social network Twitter. Twitter is actually a perfect place to study online defamation. It acts as an online pitri dish because of all of the instances in which individuals who do not know each other are discussing controversial topics in short statements. It lends itself to defamation, even if the individual in question isn’t necessarily trying to defame anyone.Recently, a twibel case occurred in Oregon.

Darm is suing Tiffany Craig for $1 million.

The case stems from commentary on Craig’s Twitter feed, @tcraighenry, and her blog, Criminallyvulgar, where the 31-year-old IT worker writes about everything from current events, computer technology and gaming to the treatment of women in comics and her large collection of shoes.

The case is an interesting one that has ramifications for the Google reputation management industry. It will be interesting to see if Darm’s online reputation is harmed more by the original statement, or the news of the lawsuit.

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