Sir Robert Jones To Sue Investment Advisor Over “Scurrilous” Article | Online Defamation Law Suits

Posted by admin | May 11th, 2010

Sir Robert Jones, a renowned New Zealand property investor and business commentator has announced that he intends to sue investment advisor Chris Lee of Kapiti Coast Investment for liable over an article stating that Sir Robert was guilty of serious commercial crime. The article in question was published in 2007 in a magazine called City Life and in the article, Mr Lee accused the 70 year old property tycoon of paying 8% of his public company’s gross assets to his public company when in fact it was 8% of gross income.

Michael Reed QC, speaking on behalf of his client Sir Robert Jones, further stated that the article claimed that the company had over inflated its assets to increase the size of the fee taken.

Speaking in court, Sir Robert said that he had given Mr Lee the opportunity to publish and apology and to detract the original statement but that he had not done either.

Sir Robert when on to say that if Mr Lee “slurs like he did about me, I’m going to do something about it.”

While the article was published in City Life which is a paper print publication, the effects of negative press can still potentially be seen on the Internet. Numerous websites have covered the story in its entirety and these articles will remain online for a long time to come.

Whatever the result of the court case, which is expected to come to a close on Friday, it shows the possible impact that defamatory comments published in any type of publication can have and the action that can be faced for writing such comments.

Offline cases are easier to try in court and it is easier to have statements retracted because the original publisher can usually be found without much hassle. In the case of online defamation, however, the best action is usually a program of online reputation management to help bury those negative results.

Online defamation - can unfortunately cost the recipient a large amount of time and money. Reputation Hawk can greatly minimize that damage.

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