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Posted by admin | December 6th, 2013

It is more common than you might think for businesses to attempt to sabotage one another. After all, the magic of the Internet has made it possible to do this from behind a wall of guaranteed anonymity. Guaranteed anonymity is certainly not a good situation for any business that is hoping to conduct itself with integrity. People can say whatever they want in this manner without ever being discovered. Often, competing businesses will post comments about your venture because they believe it will help them to gain more business in the long run.

A Stillwater dentist claims a competitor posed as a client and wrote negative online reviews, likely scaring off potential business.

A posting on by “HockeyMom” said Douglas Wolff was “not an orthodontist, but a dentist who maybe took one weekend course in braces.”

“This hardly qualifies him to be doing braces,” the review said. “Unfortunately, I learned the hard way.”

Wolff claims that “HockeyMom” was orthodontist Bryan Brettin, and he has sued him for defamation.

Wolff is a general dentist who practices orthodontics at his clinics in Fridley and Stillwater. He lives in St. Paul.

While this might sound petty, and I admit it does, it really can have an effect on business prospects. This is why people will often resort to online defamation lawsuits, even though they are rarely effective.

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