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Posted by admin | July 22nd, 2010

Online defamation isn’t just a problem here in the UK and it can adversely affect individuals and companies all around the globe. The potential problem is highlighted by a growing number of cases with one of the latest proving to be quite a landmark case for a number of reasons.

First, it involves a blog not only showing that individually owned sites can be as liable as company run ones but the fact that it was others that posted the defamatory comments but still the blog owner that’s being sued shows one of the potential problems with online defamation rulings.

Defamation lawsuits involving newspapers and magazines are usually more straightforward. A paper print publication must allow a comment to be published which makes them liable for claims. However, the case between the Global Indian Foundation and a Mr A K Narayanan is quite different.

Narayanan set up and manages the blog but it was other members that posted allegedly defamatory comments about GIF run school Global Indian International School. Mr Narayanan also contests that the comments cannot be considered defamatory because they are true. The court case is being heard this week.

Posting defamatory comments can have serious implications on both the defamed and the defamer. While your own blog may seem like a safe haven where you can say what you like about anything you like, those companies and individuals looking to protect their online reputation may still take offence at anything that they deem to be untrue and offensive.

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