In Australia: Mind Your Ps and Qs | Online Defamation Law Suits

Posted by admin | December 29th, 2010

PC World is always posting interesting pieces for those of us in the reputation management services industry. The latest contribution to that tradition is an article attempting to answer a question about online defamation on social networking sites.

In Australia, if you have a social networking account such as Facebook or Twitter, or if you use Internet message boards or forums, you are bound by this country’s laws when you post material or express yourself. This issue has become readily apparent with the recent ‘#twitdef’ case, which saw an Australian journalist threatened with a defamation lawsuit over her posts on Twitter.

The most important thing to remember, by far, is that your countries particular laws and what bind you. There is no international law concerning how online defamation is to be handled or prosecuted. The article further states that posting videos of illegal activity on social networks can also get you into trouble.

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