Fake It Til You Make It: Online Reviews

Posted by admin | December 12th, 2011

The issue of online reviews is not an easy one to discuss. Online reviews serve a valuable purpose for many people and companies–that is how they became so popular. This article explains how reviews sometimes are faked:

Fake Reviews
It is not above an organization to write false reviews about a competitor. The bile spewed forth from them completely buries the good SEO content created by the unfortunate company on the receiving end of the fake reviews. Suddenly, when someone uses a search engine and types in your company’s name, all they find are reviews which state how awful your business is.

As a result, your sales start to plummet and your rival wins. Or do they? You can hire specialist companies to create more SEO content as a means of restoring and managing your online reputation. When you consider that around 75% of customers make a purchasing decision based on customer reviews, those on the wrong end of a fake defamatory review need to take action and fast.

This is hardly shocking to those who have read lots of reviews, but it certainly shocks a lot of fake review victims.

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