Dangerous Precedent | Online Defamation Law Suits

Posted by admin | April 27th, 2011

While this court case has no bearing here in the United States, it certainly is a good reason to be a tad alarmed. The various laws that govern online defamation, both here in the United States and abroad, are constantly changing thanks to court systems and legislatures. However, this decision by the court is a dangerous precedent that we should hope does not sweep through the world’s court systems and legislatures.

A Milan judge has found Google Italy guilty of defamation because of the way its search engine linked the name of an Italian businessman to the word “fraud” and has ordered the company to modify the operation of its Autocomplete service.

In total, Google was only fined $5500, but they were also told to change the way their autocomplete works. Also, $5500 per complaint could pile up quickly in a class-action lawsuit. The ramifications for Google reputation management are legion, too. Search engine reputation management specialists should follow cases like this more closely.

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