Counterproductive Lawsuits | Online Defamation Law Suits

Posted by admin | July 7th, 2010

Dr. Kimberly Henry is a cosmetic surgeon who recently filed a lawsuit to stop online reviewers from bad-mouthing her online. She sought injunctions against a number of reviewers, 12 at last count, from commenting at and She sought over $2 million in damages, total.

The reality of the lawsuit is that it will get Dr. Henry lots of bad press on the Internet. More online libel is all that will result because angry bloggers, commenters, and forum lurkers will criticize her, fairly and unfairly.

The solution Dr. Kimberly Henry overlooked, or simply did not know about, was reputation management. Firms in the reputation management industry could have helped her to silently and effectively minimize the importance of the few negative links in Dr. Henry’s search results. Instead, her search results will be littered with negative mentions of this very lawsuit. Quite counterproductive indeed.

Search Engine Reputation Management - is the practice of suppressing unwanted publicity in major search engines. Reputation Hawk is a leader in this field.

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