Changing the Dynamic for Online Defamation | Online Defamation Law Suits

Posted by admin | October 1st, 2010

An appellate court has ruled on an online defamation suit in New Jersey and, in an odd twist, has basically stated that there need be no proof of damages for the suit to proceed. Basically, the court ruled in the case that damages can be proven later in the online defamation suit–a step that most experts say does not follow the pattern of law in other cases.

The case is W.J.A. v. D.A. (A-0762-09), and it concerns an uncle, W.J.A., who claims to have been wrongly accused of molesting his nephew, D.A., in online postings. W.J.A. claims to have been defamed and is seeking damages–but he has not yet been able to prove what damages he suffered. Despite that, the judge has allowed the case to move on.

This could have a major bearing on google reputation management, as it could make litigation much easier than the traditional way of fixing these problems, online reputation management.

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