Bacon is Good…At What He Does

Posted by admin | May 16th, 2011

Louis Bacon is a billionaire and a hedge fund manager in the United States who does not take kindly to being defamed online. He filed an online defamation suit against Wikipedia, WordPress, and the Denver Post in an effort to get them to disclose the identities, or at least IP addresses, of their commenters, who have remained anonymous until now. Bacon appears to have won the suit, which means he should get some relief in the form of suing for damages over the online defamation. However, things are not always that clear-cut when it comes to online defamation.

But according to legal experts, it may be a difficult proposition to get these US companies to agree with the UK court order. The Guardian reports that the Wikimedia Foundation, and Automattic (the company that owns WordPress) have stated it will only comply with a US subpoena for such data.

Louis Bacon is a man who clearly cares about his online reputation. In addition to his (highly successful) lawsuits, he should look to Google reputation management, too. This could serve as a protection against online defamation being seen by too many others.

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