Posted by admin | April 28th, 2010

Online defamation is one of the most important crimes that has gone under the radar in recent years. It occurs on a constant basis–as you’re reading this, someone is likely being defamed online. Unfortunately, online defamation is not something that is easy to solve through the court system, which means that people must resort to using online reputation management often.

Here at OnlineDefamationLawsuits, we keep our readers knowledgeable about recent online defamation lawsuits that have been brought to court. The progress of these lawsuits can have major ramifications for others who have been defamed online. This is a rather unsettled area of the law, so the decisions that are being made in courts today will have a very important long-term effect. We hope we can keep our posts regular, informative, and entertaining to those who hope to follow the latest lawsuits about online defamation.

-The Staff